Comfort well-being and health.

We have created the SPRING panels to improve quality of life and increase well-being. We have concentrated our efforts and invested energy and resources into the technology for infrared radiant systems because it is the best and most suitable for everyone.

Our quality of our life is enormously affected by the room temperature.

When the temperature is right, you feel good, comfortable and enjoy the pleasant sensation of well-being, a state of being that we all want to prolong for as long as possible.

The temperature of the environments we live in or where  we spend time to working, studying and resting, or even the temperature we shop in is crucial, and it will always be.

There are plenty of different heating methods and technologies, but the most suitable heating method for humans is the most natural. It is the heat that comes from the radiation of infrared rays which in nature are emitted by the sun, the original source of warmth for all living things; it is these infrared rays that make us appreciate the springtime: the time of year when we are least likely to feel a need to heat or cool our environment.

The climate in this period tends to be particularly mild and pleasant, and it’s when we feel most at ease.

Infrared rays are therefore the natural way of warming, par excellence, and are perceived by us as the most comfortable.

Non-radiant heating methods always work by heating the air, this is not the case with infrared panels.

The infrared radiation system, in fact, never directly warms the air in the room, but warms the person and, deeply, all the surrounding surfaces, such as walls and furnishings as well as any other object.

Heat absorbed the things that surround us is not wasted but results in a slow-release back into the environment, ensuring that everything around us emanates a pleasant and persistent feeling of warmth, leaving us with a sense of well-being.

The air in the room becomes more breathable, easing respiration and facilitating us in all our daily activities whether they are intellectual, leisure or sporting. It also creates the best conditions for relaxation and better dreams.

There will be no need to humidify the air any more, as air is transparent to infrared rays and the humidity is unaffected; you will no longer feel the unpleasant stuffy sensation of over-heating, just as you will no longer suffer the equally unpleasant feeling of cold in the lower limbs.

This is thanks to the even and enveloping diffusion of the heat coming everything surrounding us in the room.

By making the surrounding environment warm and radiant, the heat will continue to be emitted and to keep people in the room pleasantly warmed even when doors or windows are opened for ventilation.

The infrared heating system resolves other problems too, problems that often require serious measures, such as humidity and mold.

Infra-red rays, in fact, penetrate deep into walls and objects, eliminating moisture from the environment and preventing the formation of mold.

With an entirely radiant infrared system there are no convection currents, so the air is still; in this still air, neither dust, pollen or bacteria are stirred up, allowing you to breathe purer air.

The absence of convection currents is a positive factor for everyone, but it is especially important for people suffering from respiratory or dermatological diseases.

Another advantage of infrared rays and the absence of air circulation is that rheumatic pains are not be exacerbated but alleviated. Furthermore, its positive effects on the microcirculation, oxygenation of the tissues and on the digestion are well documented.

We have enhanced the quality and performance of infrared heating systems, creating a globally unique product, in the word, thanks to the most advanced, innovative, exclusive and patented technologies.


Advantages comfort and well-being

  • Healthier environment;
  • More enveloping warmth, the whole environment gives off heat;
  • Increased feeling of well-being;
  • Elimination of condensation and mold from the walls and objects;
  • No loss of air humidity, ensuring optimum comfort and well-being;
  • Temperature is maintained for longer thanks to the warmth stored in the walls and objects that continue to give off heat;
  •  Perceived room temperatures higher than 2/3°C on average;
  • No air movement, therefore no movement of: dust, pollen or bacteria.


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