SPRING is easy to install and does not require piping, maintenance or mandatory checks.

SPRING panels can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling,  can be managed by thermostat or by remote with smartphone and tablet.

Unlike traditional systems, there is no distribution of pipes either on the wall or on the floor. All that is required is an electrical outlet.

This has a double advantage, the first being that they are quick, simple and cheap to install, the second being that they are not subject to broken pipes which would involve expensive dismantling and reconstruction of walls and / or floors as there aren’t any.

Saiterm SPRING does not have flues, thus simplifying installation and reducing the cost that sometimes exceeds the investment for the purchase of the plant, as in the case of a pellet boiler, and further, Saiterm SPRING panels do not require funnels or internal distribution.

No scheduled maintenance or mandatory checks and certifications are scheduled.

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