For top quality painting, always.

It’s possible to increase the quality and productivity of work in a simple and economic way compared to traditional systems equipped with gas or diesel oil burners.

In fact, gas or diesel oil burners are used to heat an enormous quantity of air which, once heated, is fed into the booth to heat, in turn and indirectly, the surfaces to be treated, then finally lost.

This method of heating, as well as being uneconomical, at best only indirectly achieves the first objective, which is to heat the contents of the booth.

Infrared technology, on the other hand, never heats the air but, in depth, supporting perfect cross-linking and drying.

With the RADIANT system, the cross-linking and drying process takes place starting from the innermost layers up to the outer ones, allowing excellent evaporation of the solvents; not vice versa, as happens with traditional systems.

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