• Spring SHS.

    Use the least to gain the most.

    SPRING SHS allows you to minimize power consumption.
    SPRING SHS is particularly suited to minimizing power requirement by guaranteeing the uncompromised emission of all the heat for an completely comfortable environment.
    The patented system allows all the heat produced to be transferred to the front surface that emits it; the radiant surface that receives the heat is made of a special alloy capable of dispersing it all rapidly into the environment, heating it in the most effective way possible.

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  • Spring DHS.

    Energy for one, warmth for two.

    SPRING DHS allows you to reach the desired room temperature in an incredibly short time.
    Thanks to an additional exclusive and patented innovation the radiant surface is doubled yet it maintains exceptionally low power consumption .
    Both the front and back surfaces reach the same temperature.
    By increasing heat exchange, SPRING DHS is incredibly effective, even when compared to the systems of our closest competitors.
    When compared to similar panels of the same nominal power it is 100% more efficient.

    Sizing table

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