More Simplicity and speed of use.

All the functions can be programmed directly from a smartphone or tablet, simply, quickly and intuitively, to manage all the phases, even in an automatic cycle.


The steps

Pre-heating: in winter, the pre-heating phase reaches the ideal temperatures, both for operator comfort and for the subsequent painting phase.

Painting: in this mode the cabin quickly reaches a temperature between 18° to 22°, ensuring the correct temperature for excellent quality of work, and for operator comfort.

Flash-off period: this function the system allows you to quickly switch to a higher temperature, necessary for the proper flash off period for the water base and the clearcoat.

Drying: the quality of drying is guaranteed by Radiant’s high efficiency, which rapidly reaches the required temperatures.

(* the performance of the system, in the various phases, can be conditioned by and vary due to the climate and the chosen configuration)


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