A new Technology. Revolutionary and unique in the world.

In the phases of project and development of SPRING we put all our attention to the comfort of housing, energy efficiency and desing.

This, to contribute to the well-being of people in harmony with the environment, in the most efficient way possible today.


Economic and management advantages.

  • Comparison of cost/heat supplied is unbeatable;
  • Affordable investment;
  • Immediate and tangible reduction in consumption;
  • Improvement of the building’s energy rating;
  • Tax advantages;
  • Easy to install;
  • No building works;
  • No maintenance;
  • No risk of freezing pipes in winter, because they are not present;
  • No periodic certification and/or checks by authorities.


Advantages comfort and well-being

  • Healthier environment;
  • More enveloping warmth, the whole environment gives off heat;
  • Increased feeling of well-being;
  • Elimination of condensation and mold from the walls and objects;
  • No loss of air humidity, ensuring optimum comfort and well-being;
  • Temperature is maintained for longer thanks to the warmth stored in the walls and objects that continue to give off heat;
  •  Perceived room temperatures higher than 2/3°C on average;
  • No air movement, therefore no movement of: dust, pollen or bacteria.

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