+ Comfort and wellness for the operator.

Operator comfort and health are essential aspects and are crucial for improving the quality of work and increasing productivity.

Infrared rays are the natural warming form par excellence, which in fact is perceived by people as the most comfortable.

On the contrary, with non-radiant heating methods, it’s always necessary to heat the room air, which is never done with infrared panels.

The infrared radiation system, in fact, never directly warms the room air, but warms the person and, deep down, all the surfaces that surround him, such as the walls of the booth as well as the surfaces of the car.

The heat absorbed by whatever surrounds us is not exhausted, but is again released progressively into the environment, making sure that everything around us emanates a pleasant, comfortable and persistent feeling of warmth, giving well-being.

For this reason, we have introduced the preheating phase, which precedes that of painting, allowing the operator to work in a comfortable environment even in the presence of ventilation.

Moreover, between one process and the next, the environment will emit heat and heat will be released progressively, allowing lasting comfort.

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